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A Note from Melanie

Preparing for a wine tasting...

For years, I’ve known that wine was my passion, but the more I’ve learned about Spanish wines, the more they’ve won my heart.

I’m excited and nervous to close the wine bar and start offering my Spanish wine tours, but I think that this opportunity is part of my calling.

I can’t wait to share the Spanish style of viticulture with you…in Spain! My English language tours will introduce wine lovers and travel enthusiasts all over the world to the rich history, culture, and tastes of Spanish wine.

I hope you’ll visit me in Spain, but that you’ll also help get the word out about my wine tours with friends and family who are interested in food and wine tourism by sharing our Facebook Page with friends.

Melanie Bristol
Founder, Melovin Vino

Happy October My Wine Lover’s!

Clearing out old stock/making room for new “Giant Sale”!
Buy the case and receive 10% off premium selected Wines & Cavas.  Limited stock available, 6 or 12 bottles per case depending on the wine.  Don’t miss out on this great deal, only available to the end of Oct or until supply is out.  See the deals below:

**If you buy more then 1 case I’ll throw in a free bottle of my choice.

Wine at Melovin Vino

Cava’s 6 Btl Wooden Case:  Beautiful Cavas from Pago De Tharsys – Requena Spain

Unico White Brute €201,00 -10% Sale €180,90
Varietal Bobal, more than 20 months in the winery.  A delightful experience and unique Cava for special occasions.

Rosado €114,00 -10% Sale €102,60
Varietal Garnacha, 24 months with the lees in the bottle.  Often used for weddings, it is exquisite!

Millesime White Brute €123,00 -10% Sale €110,70
Varietal Macabeo & Parellada, 24 months with the lees in the bottle.  Often used for weddings, aromas of pear and honeydew melon.

Red Wine 12 Btl Case:  Earthy bold and dry from Bodegas Tandem – Navarra Spain

Ars in Vitro 2007 €108,00 – 10% Sale €97, 20
Varietal Tempranillo & Merlot, unoaked with minimum of 2 years in concrete tanks.

Red Wine 6 Btl Case: Floral and Fruity from Bodegas Nexus – Ribera Del Dureo Spain

Vega Murillo 2012 €66,00 -10% Sale €59,40
Varietal Tempranillo, 4 months in French Oak.  Perfect wine among friends and easy to drink.

Red Wine 12 Btl Case:  Round Bold & Oaky from Bodegas Pago De Cubes – Toro Spain

Asterisco 2011 €120,00 -10% Sale €108,00
Varietal Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo), 4 to 6 months in Oak.  This wine is better after it has time to breath more of a man’s wine.

White Wine 6 Btl Case:  #1 white selling wine from Bodegas Nilo – Reuda Spain

Bianca 2012 €60,00 -10% Sale €54,00
Varietal Verdejo, Stainless steel tanks.  Fresh citrus fruit and a very popular white anytime not just for the summer.

I hope you are able to take advantage of this great sale while it lasts.

Kindest Regards,


Wines at Melovin Vino

Wine Wellness & Beauty Event 2 March 2013


Wine Wellness & Permanent Makeup Event

Please join Melovin Vino’s with Sabine Wellness & Katarina Permanent Makeup Artist on March 2nd.

Melovin Vino will offer wine by the glass or bottle while Sabine talks about her full wellness program and Katarina can provide example drawing’s for the permanent makeup. No worries, the makeup will wash off it is only to show how it would look on you. You can participate or just enquire about it and set up appointments with the professionals!

The event is open to all; men please don’t be shy… You can hang out in Melovin Vino’s bar and enjoy a nice glass of wine and talk with Sabine about massage, foot care etc..

Sabine offers Power-Vitamin Facial Treatments from NEOVITA. Sabine will have a special price to customers by prior appointment at Melovin Vino’s on 2 March 2013 receive €10 off.

Small raffle with great prizes to win!

No cost to get into the event, the only charges will be for the wine you purchase.  Melovin Vino’s Wine Bar will open at 1400 along with the Wellness & Beauty event and will stay open until 2300, so people are welcomed to stay and hang out for the evening.

Please come and enjoy Wellness, Beauty & Wine.  We hope to see you all there!

Kindest Regards,  Melovin & Staff 


Time: 1400 to 2300

Place: Melovin Vino’s

Brunnenstrasse 21

66882 Katzenbach

Melanie Bristol
Melovin Vino
Brunnenstrasse 21
D-66882 Katzenbach

Chilling at Melovin Vino’s Wine Bar

Explore Melovin Vino’s finest selections of exclusive Spanish wines! Melovin Vino launches her Spanish wine bar every Tuesday night. We will be starting on 19 February 2013 from 1730 to 2200. This is a trial period; we will be taking recommendations to improve. We might be open more nights, just want to see where this takes us… ;-)

Melovin Vino’s new bar will be offering wine by the glass or bottle, and welcome you to bring in your own choice of food. That means, bring whatever you want – dinner, Tapas, or snacks!!! We will offer a very light appetizer dish and very exclusive Spanish wines giving you the opportunity to try by the glass before you purchase by the case or bottle. This is a good opportunity to taste these exclusive wines before purchase and a very friendly local wine bar/hang out to meet new friends and wine lovers! “We provide the drinks and you are allowed to bring in your own food!!”

Please call or email if you want a special seat reserved otherwise just come! We are looking forward to receiving you and your friends!

** Please check out my website – We have an online store coming soon.

** We would love if you would “like our facebook page” at:!/pages/Melovin-Vino

Kindest Regards From Melovin Vino & Staff

Melanie Bristol
Melovin Vino
Brunnenstrasse 21
D-66882 Katzenbach

Steuer Nr. 25/021/31194. USt.ID DE277283662


“Good wine is a necessity of life for me.” ~ Thomas Jefferson