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Art & Wine/A Perfect Pairing

 Art & Wine/A Perfect Pairing

Mark Seawell


Art & Wine Enthusiasts, join us for a unique experience with art, wine and hors d’oeuvres

It is with great pleasure to announce a truly talented Artist Mark Seawell’s Photo World in conjunction with Melovin Vino Exclusive Spanish Fine Wines.  We are hosting a combined Fine Art Photography and Spanish Wine evening at everyone’s favorite restaurant IL Pirata located close to the train station in Niedermohr.  Art & Wine is the perfect combination of our two great passions.

Date: Saturday, 5 November 2011

Time: 16:00/ 4 p.m. till 20:00/8 p.m.

Location: IL Pirata Italian Restaurant, Kirchmohr 2, 66879 Niedermohr, Tel: 06383 – 92560

IL Pirata website:

Entrance Fee: 7, 00 Euros per person (includes entrance to view/purchase Mark Seawell’s Photo World fine art collection, one glass of Spanish wine and hors d’oeuvres)

We will be raffling a bottle of Spanish wine and a $30 voucher towards the purchase of a Fine Art landscape picture!

Payment Due:  NLT Thursday, 27 Oct 2011 RSVP: or

Matted and framed fine art photography prints will be available to view and purchase with breathtaking landscape scenes from the local area while Melanie, from Melovin Vino, will be providing an opportunity to purchase her superb Spanish wines from the various vineyards in Spain. For those who don’t want to drive, the train station in Niedermohr is within walking distance of the restaurant. For those coming from out-of-town, IL Pirata is perfect with the hotel attached to the restaurant; see their website for more information.  The mood is relaxed and inviting with Art, Fine Wine & hors d’oeuvres…you won’t want to miss out on this great experience.  We hope to see you there!

Mark & Melanie




Grand Opening, 13 August 2011!

Hi Everyone,
 You won’t want to miss this one if at all possible!   
I have people from the Bodegas in Spain coming to represent their wines.  All the wine’s from Spain Should be in by the end of July if not sooner, so the ones that wanted to buy at my open house can now purchase these great wines. 

Grand Opening!

Also, a few of you have already purchased the wines before they were here, I will get with you soon for delivery. Bodegas Nilo and Tandem have arrived just waiting on the other wines to get in!

Results of my “Open House” on June 19th 2011

Wine Samples during my open house on 19th June 2011 (Fathers Day)

It was a great turn out around 50 people showed up and all had a great time and everyone loved the wines that were sampled.

I had the pleasure of meeting all winemakers from the various Bodegas on my visit to Spain during May and I have to tell you that every one of these winemakers put much love and care into their wines.  I’m very proud to be selling these particular wines and can only say wonderful things about all Bodegas!  All are very special and have become my friends. 

Here is a list and information of the Bodegas I work with…Salud!

Some of my guests sampling my wines.

Bodegas Nilo:

Bianca 2010 (White) D.O. from Rueda 100% Verdejo

This wine is made from the Verdejo grape variety which is native to the region of Rueda.  It comes from 30 year old vineyards, directly tended by Nilo’s winemakers Juan Carlos Nieto and Maria Jose Lopez.

Intense, strong aroma, the character of the Verdejo grape variety is very pronounced in which the fresh aroma of citric fruits (grapefruit and orange peel) and white fleshy fruits (pear and apple).  Tasty with hints of sweetness, delicate and persistent end taste, just Magical!

Nat 2008 (White) D.O. from Rueda 100% Verdejo

This wine was aged in French Oak for 5 to 6 mos.  The grapes come from over 60 year old vineyards, again the winemakers tend directly with the vineyards and all is handpicked.  This was one of my Favorites! 

Bodegas Aldonia:

Aldonia Joven 2010 (Young Wine) D.O. Ca. From Rioja 60% Tempranillo & 40% Garnacha

This wine is aged in oak for a period of 4 months and comes from 25 year old vineyards.  Mario Santos is the winemaker for Bodegas Aldonia also puts much love and time into his wines.  Mario says that the wine speaks to him and he tries to listen to what it is trying to say, every year is different!

Aldonia Reserva 2005 D.O Ca. From Rioja 90% Tempranillo & 10% Graciano

All wines from Mario Santos are done with much care as all the grapes are handpicked.  This wine was aged in oak for 38 months.  I love every wine that Mario makes and you can tell he puts much effort into each one.

Bodegas Tandem:

Ars In Vitro 2006 from Navarra 50% Tempranillo, & 50% Merlot

This wine is aged 20 months in lined concrete vats, very different than most wineries quite unique and impressive!  A very fresh wine, with a good length and the floral notes of the Merlot.

Ars Nova 2005 from Navarra 52% Tempranillo, 33% Cabernet Sauvignon & 15% Merlot

This wine is aged for 7 months in new French oak.  This is a fresh mountain wine a powerful expression of its terroir!


Guests sharing notes.

Ars Macula 2004

from Navarra 57% Cabernet Sauvignon & 43% Merlot

18 months in French oak.  Intense Bordeaux full layered color.  Powerful in the palate, earthy, expressing the character and soil of the Yerri Valley.  A very long finish, yet very elegant and fresh.  My favorite from Bodegas Tandem.

Piamater (Dulce sweet) 2009 D.O. from Malaga 100% Moscatel de Alejandria

Grapes are dehydrated until the desired concentration of sugar.  Very complex white flowers, honey with tropical fruit and minerals.  Fresh in the palate, very good balance sweetness vs. acidity, long and pleasant.

Bodegas Tabula:

Damana 5 2009 D.O. Crianza from Ribera Del Duero 100% Tempranillo

This wine was indeed everyone’s favorite!  5 months in French American Oak.  Comes from 10 year old vinyards.  Sweet fresh and fruity on the palate, expressing the liveliness of its youth, followed by a pleasant finish.

Damana 2007 D.O. Crianza 100% Tempranillo

15 to 25 year old vineyards and aged for at least 12 months in French American Oak.  Well balanced with soft, elegant tannins and a full, lingering finish.


making decisions.


2006 D.O. Premium  100% Tempranillo

Over 30 year old vineyards and aged for 16 months in French Oak.  Deep cherry-red color, aromas of ripe fruit, spices and hints of liquorice.  Soft, fresh tannins, full and lingering.

Gran Tabula 2006 D.O. Premium 100% Tempranillo

These vineyards are over 60 years old, aged for 18 months in French Oak.  Deep dense black-cherry color.  Ripe, red cherry fruit together with roasted coffee beans, coca and balsamic notes.  Powerful on the palate with intense flavor and good balance.  Masses of sweet, soft tannins.  A very lingering finish.

Damana Verdejo 2009 D.O. (White) 100% Verdejo

I think this wine is great for the price, many loved it!  Crispy green apple flavor with a bouquet of citrus fruits.

 Pago De Tharsys:

Huge hit for the assortment of Wines and Cavas that are produced from this Bodega!

Vicente Garcia is an enologist, trained in France who has held for several years important positions in the main Spaniards Cava wineries.  His dream was to bring the best Cava to his hometown, Requena, the antic lberian Tharsys, land of a large wine producing tradition.  Together with his wife, Ana Suria, he has taken the determination to turn a more than 200 year old wine cellar, into a modern winery.  In this new but traditional winery is where “Pago” wines and cavas are elaborated, using only grapes grown inside their own vineyards.

Vendima Nocturna  2010 D.O.(White) Albarino & Godello

One of my guests developing a taste for the Spanish style...

Surprising and original white wine, grapes picked at night and frozen before the elaboration process to preserve their organoleptic potential.  This original white wine is the result of an exceptional adaptation of the Albarino and godello varieties to this domain.

Dominio de Requena 2009 D.O. Tempranillo & Bobal

This was a favorite by all and offered at a fantastic price!  This wine presents notes of matured cherries and blackberries and leaves a sweet and complete taste in mouth.

Carlota Suria Reserva 2005 D.O. Cabernet Franc & Tempranillo

Deep ruby-red Colour wine that in the mouth is vivid and strong.  A wine with structure and delicious aromatics of smooth pickled berries, liquorice, leather and black pepper.

Nuestro Bobal 2006 D.O. Bobal & Cabernet Franc

Aged for 12 months in French Oak.  Vivid and intensive ruby-garnet color.  I sold out of this wine within the 1st hour of my open house, great wine!

Bodegas Selection 2004 D.O. Merlot & Cabernet Franc

Aged for 10 months in new French Oak.  Very smooth and silky wine and one of my favorites!

Brut Nature Cava D.O. Chardonnay & Macabeo

This cava was awarded with the prize of “Best Cava of Spain” in 2005.  Good bubble that made a persistent crown.  Presents white flowers, citrus, tangerine with slight memories of hay as well as pastry and dry fruits.

Wine samples...

Tharsys Unico Cava D.O.  Bobal

More than 20 months in the winery and it is elaborated without any added liquor. Fantastic Cava!

 Rosado Brut Cava D.O.  Granacha

Red fruits aromas and a long and nice feeling in mouth.  16 months in rima manually rotated racks of 120 bottles.

Millesime Cava D.O. Macabeo & Parellada

This cava is only made of one vintage, and presents a brilliant-yellow color with golden sparkle. Aromas of pear and honeydew melon, 24 months with lees in the bottle.

Millesime Rose Cava D.O.  Garnacha

A pale rose color, an exquisite reserve rose cava with clean aroma typical of this grape; fruits of the forest notes combined with the toffee of the yeast.  24 months with the lees in the bottle.

Carlota Suria Brut Nature Cava D.O.  Macabeo & Parallada

Great for buying at bulk for the price and fantastic taste of this cava, recommended for wedding’s or big events the price is right for the great taste!.

Invitation for my “open House” – June 19th, 2011

Hi Everyone,

I want you to try fine wines!

I just returned from Spain, what a fantastic adventure!  I had the opportunity to taste wines in Navarra, Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Toro, Rueda, La Mancha and Requena Spain.  I can say that the Spaniards are some of the most hospitable people I have ever met and I now have returned with a large variety of Spanish wine that will be a part of my inventory; Red, White, Cava and Sweet Wines; all are superb, high quality wines!

This is an “open invitation” to join me on June 19, 2011 from 1300 to 2000.  This will be an open house, so come and go as you desire. 

If you are in the general Kaiserslautern, Germany region and would like to participate or would like additional information, please email me at:

Please come and see what new wines will be available; you can pre-order/prepay or buy wine on the spot from the ones that are available.  The new wines I’m adding to my inventory are a limited amount until I make a scheduled purchase and have them imported from Spain.  However, this is a perfect opportunity to see what all I’m planning on having in stock and pre-order your favorite wines.

I had the opportunity to receive a few samples of wine.  If you want to test a wine before purchasing, I suggest you make sure to arrive early before I run out.  This will be a great chance to see the fantastic Spanish wines I have and also to give me feedback about a variety of wine you may like to see in the near future…  I’m open to suggestions.  Because I’m relatively new in the Spanish wine market, small steps and of course word of mouth always helps.  I’m counting on all my wonderful friends to put out the word, so please forward this to anyone who may be interested.  I would sincerely appreciate you and your friends to join me in my passion and joy for great Spanish wines and help me kick start my developing business.

White Wine

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Red Wine

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My First Big Event

"The Reds"
Wine presented at my tasting.

I conducted my first big Spanish wine tasting this past winter and wanted to share my notes about it….

The tasting was conducted at the Spanish Tapas restaurant Tamarillo in Kaiserslautern. The quality and uniqueness of my wines in combination with the great food and ambience of the restaurant made the perfect setting to create a most wonderful wine tasting event. The feedback I received from the group rated it 4.5  on a  scale of 5 stars, a 4.5 and it was so great having this event turn out so well and I had the opportunity to meet such fantastic people!

25 guests attended this event, and we started the social and introduction portion at 7:00 p.m. with Cava Conde de Caralt and hors d’oeuvres that were just fantastic! There I had an opportunity to meet the other guests, and actually ran across some old colleagues, which was a pleasant surprise.

We took our seats at 7:30 p.m. and I began the tasting with the 2008 Bodegas OSSIAN WhiteVerdejo accompanied with steamed salmon. Most had never tried white Spanish wine before and they found the body to be very good, although a bit racy, but overall the wine was very fruity and pleasant. The smoked salmon was the perfect partner with this wine and enhanced each other harmoniously.

Dates wrapped in bacon with a port sauce and liver was served next and the accompanying wine was an excellent Ismael Gozalo SIETEJUNTOS 2007 (inaugural vintage) which is a wine blended of 75% Tinto Fino and 25% Syrah aged 12 months in oak barrels. The group really enjoyed this one. They found it spicy and cool with elegant and dense attributes, perfectly balanced being both cool and fresh. Later, I explained that the entire production was just over 1000 bottles. The second one served with this course was the 2007 Bodegas Maurodos PRIMA which is 90% Tinta de Toro and 10% Granache aged 12 months in both French and American oaks. This one was an easy one to drink with smooth tannins and a very subtle aging in the oak. This wine was also very fruity, extremely floral and agile on the palate.

The third course was my personal favorite. Tapas and Quail accompanied by baked zucchini and goat cheese served with 2 fantastic reds, the 2006 Bodegas MAURO annd the 2006 Bodegas AALTO. The Bodegas MAURO is 90% Tempranillo and 10% Syrah giving it an intense aroma, with clear traces of red fruit (mostly raspberries and strawberries) with marked floral tones. This was my friend Jay’s  personal favorite, the 2006 Bodegas AALTO  is 100% Tempranillo from vine stock 30 to 90 years old. All harvesting is done by hand in small 15 kg containers, and is aged in French oak for 23 months. The first stage is in brand-new barrels and later in 2 year old barrels. This wine has a distinct character with perfect roundness and velvety tannins and good acidity. We enjoyed it because of the full aromas, overall balance and complexity. If you like red wine, I seriously recommend that you sample this wine.

Lastly, the Bodegas Mauro 2003 VENDIMIA SELECCIONADA,  a 100% Tempranillo (wine region Tudela de Duero), was served with several varieties of Spanish cheese. After being aged 33 months in French and American oaks, it was bottled in March 2007. This is an elegant wine, and a pleasant bouquet on the nose and offering a fresh fruitiness coinciding with delicate aging notes. It was teasing on the palate and possessed intense tannins, very rounded with a great finish. 2003 was an exceptional year for this region of Spain, and it shows!

To summarize, the participants thoroughly enjoyed this wine tasting and learned very much about Spanish viticulture and I enjoyed telling the story that went behind each wine, and it made us all appreciate it all even more!