Update On New Adress

Dear Family & Friends,

This is a short note to touch base and let you know where my new life will be. Most of you are aware that I’m moving to Spain.

With much work and several hurdles to get through, it is finally happening for me. I will say that some things were thrown my way making this transition a little difficult; I have pulled through thankfully. ;-) Very Grateful how this all turned out for me! I’m going to be in the most beautiful part of Spain and could not ask for a better place to live. I had no idea how beautiful the Andalucía area of Spain was until I visited and found my new apartment. All I can say is “WOW” I’m really blessed!!

I do hope you can take one of my private tours to the Bodegas. It will be a fun filled experience; I promise!

Looking forward to new adventures with you soon.  Stay tuned for dates and the new website soon.

Warmest Regards To Everyone,





A Fourth of July Wine Tasting Tour of Romania


A Unique Wine Tour of
the Dealu Mare Region of Romania

Melovin Vino has partnered with Romanian translator and tour guide Daniel Rosca to create an unforgettable, exclusive weekend wine tour of the Dealu Mare region of Romania.

Enjoy four days of food, wine, and culture for just €500 per person!

Dealu Mare is home to some of Romania’s best red wines. Taste these fantastic Romanian reds while getting to know more about Romanian culture and heritage from July 2nd through the 6th, 2015.

In between tasting, we’ll visit beautiful castles and explore the areas around the vineyards. Join us as we explore more than 4,000 years of Romanian viticulture this Fourth of July holiday!

A Four of July Wine Tasting Tour of Romania

TO BOOK Your Fourth of July Romanian Wine Tour,
email Melanie Bristol, Founder of Melovin Vino, today!

The Itinerary at a Glance

July 2*: Arrival and Overnight in Bucharest

July 3: Sparkling Wine, the Gorgeous Peles Castle, and Red Wine Tasting

July 4: Cultural Visits, Biking (Optional), Dinner with Wine Tasting & Live Music to Celebrate the Fourth of July

July 5: Wine Tasting Visits to 3 of Romania’s Best Wineries

July 6*: One Last Red Wine Tasting Before Flying Home

*July 2nd and 6th are partial travel days
For the detailed trip itinerary, read further down this post!

Just €500 for Four Days of Wine and Culture!

Four days of tastings, food, and culture, including transportation to and from the airport, your hotel accommodations, food, wine, entrance tickets to the Peles Castle and Bellu Manor, and more!

Price Includes:
Four days of tastings, food, and culture, including transportation to and from the airport, your hotel accommodations, food, wine, entrance tickets to the Peles Castle and Bellu Manor, and more!

Name for transfer:
SC Via Dar SRL




ING Bank NV, Bucharest Branch

TO BOOK Your Fourth of July Romanian Wine Tour,
email Melanie Bristol, Founder of Melovin Vino, today!

For full pricing & inclusion details, read further down this post!

The Detailed Itinerary

2nd of July – Thursday *arrival day*
You will arrive in Bucharest and you will be transferred to a hotel near the airport where you will spend the first night so the next morning we are quick to depart from Bucharest.

3rd of July – Friday 
From Bucharest we will head north towards Azuga, home to a century old cellar built in the mountains. Here they make sparkling wines by the traditional method. You will learn about the process and about the very interesting story of the cellar and you will get to try 3 of their best sparkling wines. You will also have lunch here.

In the afternoon you will visit one of Romania’s most beautiful castles called Peles from Sinaia, built in 1870s by the king of German origins so the castle will remind you of other Bavarian castles.
In the evening you will arrive at the hotel where you will spend the next 3 nights. The son in law of the hotel owners is a wine maker so you will get to try the wines he makes together with dinner cooked by his family.

Drive time: 4 hours

4th of July – Saturday 
You will celebrate the 4th of July in a novel way. You will have wine for lunch and dinner but that is not all. You are invited to discover the wine region beyond its cellars and vineyards. And one of the best ways to do it is by bike. So we propose a 15 mile trip through the vineyards, villages and countryside which will include visits to a local barrel maker, a wonderful traditional manor and a stop by an orchard to pick up and eat the seasons’ fruit. Half way through the trip you will try the wines of another local winery and have lunch there. In the evening you will enjoy besides the wine and dinner also the music of a local band and fireworks!

Those who cannot or don’t want to bike will be transferred by minibus.

5th of July – Sunday 
The story of wine-making in Romania is millennia old but what happened in the last 65 years is particularly interesting. During the 40 years of Communist rule most wineries where nationalized and the focus was on producing high volumes of low quality wine to be exported in exchange for foreign currency. Romania is a democratic country for 25 years now and the land was claimed back by the families who owned it before WW2 . In the past 5-10 years there is a surge in how many of the old vineyards are being replanted. Since joining the European Union in 2007 there a lot of funds available for establishing modern wineries so now there are also the latest technologies available for making great wines.

You will find out for yourself by visiting on this day 3 of the best wineries from Dealu Mare region the developments which are happening in this field, the technologies used and most importantly the quality of the wines now being produced in Romania. As a sign that the region has potential you will notice the interest of foreign investors by visiting wineries established or owned by Italian, Austrian, French or English companies who work with both Romanian and foreign oenologists.

Lunch and dinner will be at two wineries where their wines will be paired with local food.

6th of July – Monday 
The last winery you will visit is owned by the Italian Marquis Piero Antinori who comes from a family with a tradition of making wines for 6 centuries in Tuscany. He is one of the many foreigners who’ve seen the potential for making great wines in Romania. You will try the wines they make and have a snack before heading to the airport in Bucharest and back home.

TO BOOK Your Fourth of July Romanian Wine Tour,
email Melanie Bristol, Founder of Melovin Vino, today!


Full Pricing & Inclusion Details

Price per person: €500.

Services included:

  • Accommodation in double room with breakfast
  • Wine tasting & meals:
    • 3 sparkling wines tasting + lunch in Azuga on July 3rd
    • 1000 de Chipuri wine tasting + dinner on July 3rd
    • Wine tasting + lunch snack at SERVE on July 4th
    • Wine tasting + dinner at Conacul Urlateanu with live music and fireworks on July 4th
    • Wine tasting at Lacerta on July 5th
    • Wine tasting + lunch at Budureasca on July 5th
    • Wine tasting + dinner at Basilescu on July 5th
    • Wine tasting + snacks at Vitis Metamorfosis on July 6th
  • Bike trip on July 4th including bike & helmet, tour guide, a visit to a barrel maker, fruit picking and refreshments
  • Entrance tickets
    • Peles Castle
    • Bellu Manor
  • Transportation by minibus from airport pick up to airport drop off.

Not included in tour price:

Flight from Frankfurt to Bucharest:
Tarom (national career, member of Star Alliance)
Outgoing flight: July 2nd 18:20-21:45
Returning flight: July 6th 15:55-17:35
€277 (price as of April 27th)

TO BOOK Your Fourth of July Romanian Wine Tour,
email Melanie Bristol, Founder of Melovin Vino, today!

A Note from Melanie

Preparing for a wine tasting...

For years, I’ve known that wine was my passion, but the more I’ve learned about Spanish wines, the more they’ve won my heart.

I’m excited and nervous to close the wine bar and start offering my Spanish wine tours, but I think that this opportunity is part of my calling.

I can’t wait to share the Spanish style of viticulture with you…in Spain! My English language tours will introduce wine lovers and travel enthusiasts all over the world to the rich history, culture, and tastes of Spanish wine.

I hope you’ll visit me in Spain, but that you’ll also help get the word out about my wine tours with friends and family who are interested in food and wine tourism by sharing our Facebook Page with friends.

Melanie Bristol
Founder, Melovin Vino

Bodegas Valdesneros Visits Melovin Vino 8 Nov 2014

Dear Wine Lovers,

Back by popular demand one of our Favorite Bodegas to pay a visit to Melovin Vino’s. Bodegas Valdesnero’s who we had the privilege of meeting at my Grand Opening is coming back. They will be here on 8 Nov to talk about their delicious wines! Come meet a small and familiar bodega that produces its wines as they were aimed to be drunk only by Us!

Bodegas Valdesneros Visits_01

Bodegas Valdesneros Visits_02

This event is by RSVP so we can make sure we have enough food. Please send us an RSVP with the amount of people in your group no later than 3 Nov if possible. We will certainly not turn people away but it will help us to have enough food.

***We will have Finger food, live music by Joe vs Joe and a raffle.

Date: 8 Nov 2014

Time 1900 – midnight

Bodega (winery from Spain Palencia area) will start around 2000

Live Music will kick off at 2100

Food Buffet provided by Nancy

Entrance Fee €7, 00

RSVP would be greatly appreciated

Thank you,


Happy October My Wine Lover’s!

Clearing out old stock/making room for new “Giant Sale”!
Buy the case and receive 10% off premium selected Wines & Cavas.  Limited stock available, 6 or 12 bottles per case depending on the wine.  Don’t miss out on this great deal, only available to the end of Oct or until supply is out.  See the deals below:

**If you buy more then 1 case I’ll throw in a free bottle of my choice.

Wine at Melovin Vino

Cava’s 6 Btl Wooden Case:  Beautiful Cavas from Pago De Tharsys – Requena Spain

Unico White Brute €201,00 -10% Sale €180,90
Varietal Bobal, more than 20 months in the winery.  A delightful experience and unique Cava for special occasions.

Rosado €114,00 -10% Sale €102,60
Varietal Garnacha, 24 months with the lees in the bottle.  Often used for weddings, it is exquisite!

Millesime White Brute €123,00 -10% Sale €110,70
Varietal Macabeo & Parellada, 24 months with the lees in the bottle.  Often used for weddings, aromas of pear and honeydew melon.

Red Wine 12 Btl Case:  Earthy bold and dry from Bodegas Tandem – Navarra Spain

Ars in Vitro 2007 €108,00 – 10% Sale €97, 20
Varietal Tempranillo & Merlot, unoaked with minimum of 2 years in concrete tanks.

Red Wine 6 Btl Case: Floral and Fruity from Bodegas Nexus – Ribera Del Dureo Spain

Vega Murillo 2012 €66,00 -10% Sale €59,40
Varietal Tempranillo, 4 months in French Oak.  Perfect wine among friends and easy to drink.

Red Wine 12 Btl Case:  Round Bold & Oaky from Bodegas Pago De Cubes – Toro Spain

Asterisco 2011 €120,00 -10% Sale €108,00
Varietal Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo), 4 to 6 months in Oak.  This wine is better after it has time to breath more of a man’s wine.

White Wine 6 Btl Case:  #1 white selling wine from Bodegas Nilo – Reuda Spain

Bianca 2012 €60,00 -10% Sale €54,00
Varietal Verdejo, Stainless steel tanks.  Fresh citrus fruit and a very popular white anytime not just for the summer.

I hope you are able to take advantage of this great sale while it lasts.

Kindest Regards,


Wines at Melovin Vino

Exclusive Wines From Melovin Vino